Canaf Consulting Associates is proud to play a leading role to drive initiatives that will rebuild and reform the public sectors of developing and post-conflict countries around the world.

Through our founder and president Nellie Mayshak, we are an on-the-ground agent for change. Major funding agencies from Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and organizations like the World Bank tap into our capabilities to help struggling governments design, build and support the public infrastructures necessary to serve their citizens effectively, efficiently and equitably.

Canaf creates the strategic roadmaps for achieving sustainable change and positive economic, social and democratic development. We assemble and manage the teams to put it all in place. But we also provide the tools necessary to help governments and their people help themselves. We go the extra mile by:

  • Leading public outreach efforts to rebuild the community’s trust and confidence
  • Designing mentoring programs to help meet human capacity building needs
  • Supporting institutional capacity building needs with smart processes, policies and programs
  • Conducting workshops to help policymakers understand smart public policy design
  • Liaising with funding agencies, policymakers and communities to keep goals aligned

Our aim is promote the principles of world-class governance and public administration to help governments and the people they serve take ownership of the end goal — a stable, supporting environment for all.

Learn more about Canaf Consulting’s President and Principal Consultant, Nellie Mayshak