Nellie Mayshak

Nellie Mayshak, Founder and President

Nellie Mayshak has spent the last 30 years designing and implementing public sector reform projects across various fronts. Nellie has led high-profile reform projects in her work to help emerging countries and those recovering from strife find their way to a functional, efficient, responsive and transparent public sector under democratic governance.

These projects include the reconstruction of Liberia’s civil service after many years of conflict. In Ghana, Nellie developed the processes and training for cabinet-level decision making and improved policy management capacity. In Lithuania, she led the design and adoption of a strategic planning and policy model that was the basis for the country’s admission to the European Union.

Nellie Mayshak developed her capabilities during years of service in senior advisory posts for the provisional government of Ontario, Canada, including its cabinet, the solicitor general and minister of correctional services. She also served as a director with the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

In addition to her undergraduate degree from Nigeria’s University of Ife, Nellie Mayshak holds her master’s degree in sociology from the University of British Columbia.